Blue Jays: A New Season

Last season, I didn’t get many views on this blog. Im hoping that changes this season. Ill update this blog after every blue jay game and discuss latest news from the MLB. ill also have game highlight videos and interviews from players.


This is playing out to be a tough year for Blue Jay fans. Wells will start the season injured, Burnett isn’t part of the rotation anymore. However, one positive that we can hope for is that the offense is pretty much the same as last season and it was on fire in september. Lets hope they can carry that into this season. Our bullpen is still one of the, if not the best in the entire Major Leagues.


AL Awards

This season has been one of the toughest to decide Awards. In The AL, the leading candidates are:


– Josh Hamilton: League Leader in RBI’s

– Dustin Pedroia: Hitting Machine

– Kevin Youkilis: Every offensive stat he holds is among AL Leaders.

– Justin Morneau: RBI and Hitting Machine, will punch in a few Homers from time to time.

– Fransisco Rodriguez: On Pace for 60+ Saves, you cant argue he should be on this list


Honourable Mention:

– Cliff Lee: The Only reason he is not on the list is because the Indians are a last place team in their division.


AL Manager of the year is the Interest one for me. With Baseball experts and fans giving it easily to Joe Maddon of the Rays, i said to myself, if the Jays make it to the Playoffs, should Cito Gaston be the leading Candidate putting a team under the 500 mark before the all-star game in the playoffs is quite remarkable.


AL CY Young award: As Much as i want Halladay to win it, i dont think this one is even close. Cliff lee will be the winner and im 99.9% sure he will. With his 20+ wins and only 2 Losses with an ERA under 2.50 is really one of the best seasons ive seen a pitcher put up in a while.


AL Rookie of the Year: Evan Longoria is the leading Candidate even though he has been on the DL for quite some time. He Will win it unless he doesn`t play another game and Alexie Ramirez goes on an offensive surge in September.

Errors Hurt, Rios Continues to Shine

The Toronto Blue Jays had a stretch of 11 games without an error. That helped them put up a very long win streak. Recently, the Jays began a series against the White Sox and already in the first 3 Games, they have committed 6 Errors, 3 of them Coming for the Human Highlight reel, John Mcdonald. Jose Bautista played at first base in game 3 of the series, only his 3rd ever start at first base, and made 2 costly mistakes. The Jays would end up losing by only one run to snap their 10 Game Winning Streak and that proves Defense is just as important as Hitting and Pitching. The Jays will now Play 7 Games against the Red Sox in September, a huge oppurtunity to gain some ground on them in the Wild Card.


Meanwhile, Alex Rios continues to swing the bat well as he extends his 10 Game Hit Streak to 11. He Had a Single and a Two-Run Home Run in Wednesdays Loss to the White Sox.


Another Big Comeback?

Last Season, the Rockies won 21 of their last 22 games to force a one game playoff game that they eventually won to put them in the Playoffs in which later became one of the most improbable playoff berth in sports history.


This season, The Blue Jays are just 8 Games out of the wild card spot and have won an astonishing 9 Consecutive Games. With just 19 games remaining on the Blue Jays schedule, the question around the league is will there be another huge late season comeback? The Jays remaining schedule has them playing the Wild Card Leading Red Sox 7 Times. Not Only would they have to win every game against the Sox, they will have to pretty much Sweep the rest of September and get some help along the way or lose a maximum of 2 games.


It’s not impossible but it is very improbable. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens along the way.

Jesse Carlson a Future Closer?

Lately, BJ Ryan had struggled to come in to games and close them in the 9th Inning. He’s still one of the best Closers in the American League but he’s not as dominant as he was before his Surgery. So i was thinking that it would be good if Ryan was traded for a bat or another pitcher and convert Jesse Carlson to Closing Pitcher.


Even as a Rookie, Jesse Carlson has been one of the most reliable relivers in the AL this year. He comes into innings and breezes through them. If he were to close all Blue Jays Games, he would easily become one of the league leaders in saves.

Jays win 7 Straight


zaun_mobbed_courtesy_460.jpgThe Blue Jays entered play against the Rays yesterday with a 6 game win streak. Shaun Marcum made his first start back with the team after being sent down to AAA Syracuse. Marcum did not allow the Rays a single run. In the 9th inning with the Jays leading 3-0, BJ Ryan came in with a save situation and a chance to get a victory for Marcum. Instead, Ryan served a 2 run home run to Rocco Baldelli, and later on an error by Joe Inglett, blew a save and the Game headed to extra innings. After the Rays took a 1 run lead in the top of the 13th, they Jays found themselves in danger of snapping that 6 game win streak. Instead, after 2 consecutive singles by Wells and Wilkerson, Scott Rolen was walked to load the bases to bring up Gregg Zaun who had 2 hits in the ball game. The First pitch by Percival was blasted to right field and out of the park for the Blue Jays first Walk Off Home Run of the season and their season high 7th straight victory.


Now that it’s unlikely the Jays will play October Baseball, they have done an excellent job in playing spoiler. They started it by ruining the Yankees playoff chances taking 2 of 3 in the Bronx, then headed back home to face the desperate Twins who are fighting to win their Division. The Blue Jays absolutely dominated the series sweeping the Twins  and putting them behind the Division lead by one game. The Jays then faced a team they have struggled to beat all season long, the Rays, and took the first 2 games, bringing the 2nd place Red Sox within just 2 and a half games behind. The Jays will finish the rest of their season playing teams ahead of them in the standings except for Baltimore, and will play a huge role in determining who makes the playoffs and who doesn’t.